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With the modular system there really are no more 'schools' in Technical Climbing. Rather there are individual classes. Some classes are pre-requisites for other classes. And some classes can be taken as a group in order to obtain certificates of completion.

Basic Mountaineering Certificate

Intermediate Mountaineering Certificate

Other Classes

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Field Days

In the field remind your students to be considerate of others and to keep in mind that you are all ambassadors for the CMC. Don't forget to Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace can include noise pollution; it's ok to have fun but be careful about overwhelming the environment if others are around. We can be a large group, too. Sometimes we end up taking over an area of rock or snow; look for opportunities to yield to other climbers.

Be aware that many Open Spaces and US Forests require permits for groups of a certain size. Best is to take a very low profile approach on these lands. If you mention the CMC, say you are out on a club trip practicing some snow/rock skills. Do not say you are part of a school.