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CMC Standards and Protocols

Keep in mind that the CMC has state policies against discrimination and harassment. Instructors must abide by those policies and instructors can remind students that they must abide by those policies.

Even beyond that, the Technical Climbing School has standards that it wishes to uphold. The standards are very simple: students and instructors should have fun learning how to safely negotiate technical terrain. That's it. The Committee wants everyone to have fun. We want Instructors to respect Students and we want Students to respect Instructors. Pleae be civil. Don't yell at students and don't make fun of students. Be constructive. Don't make off-color jokes. Inform the students that the same is expected of them.

CMC Grounds for Investigation

The Denver Group Safety and Leadership Committee will investigate an incident triggered by any of the following:

CMC Non-emergency Procedures

Someone might be injured on a trip and require medical attention. Assess the scene and determine if you can safely self-evacuate and find a medical provider in enough time to adequately address the injury. Have someone begin taking notes on the details of the accident and subsequent events. Use these notes to fill out the
CMC Incident Report
As soon as you can communicate with the Technical Climbing School Director or Safety Officer, notify them of the incident. When the report is complete, forward it to the Director or Safety Officer.

CMC Emergency Procedures

With good risk management, it is hoped you never have to follow emergency procedures but things happen. Someone might be injured and require immediate medical attention and/or emergency evacuation. Assess he scene and call 911 if necessary. Have someone begin taking detailed notes of the incident and subsequent actions. Notify the CMC and the Director or Safety Officer. Here is a pocket guide to
CMC Emergency Procedures
Be sure to also notify the Technical Climbing School Director or Safety Officer.

For a full description of the emergency procedures see the:
CMC Emergency Action Plan