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TCS Instructor Training Curriculum

The TCS Training Curriculum will consist of a General Instruction class plus some skills-specific classes.

The General Instruction class will deal with policies and procedures that pertain to the CMC in general and also to TCS in particular. This class will be only a single evening, although there will be some reading material that must be reviewed outside of class. Everyone will be required to take the General Instruction class.

The skills-specific classes will address the more technical elements of the student classes. Theses classes will be packaged to cover more than one student class. For example, Instructor Rock I will cover Basic Climbing and Intermediate Rock. This class will be one lecture and one field day. Instructor Snow will cover Basic and Technical Snow. Instructor Ice will cover Basic and Technical Ice.

Instructors do not need to attend every specialized Instructor training class. Everyone must attend the General Instruction class, though. And then instructors must attend the training class that covers the student class for which they wish to be certified at Instructor level.