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I only just completed the class. Am I qualified to teach?
Yes you are. Keep in mind that many of the instructors you had were first-time instructors themselves. One of our goals is to provide all instructors with the tools they need to be effective teachers.

Do I have to attend both the Lecture and Field Day?
Yes, we are going to start strictly enforcing the attendance policy with students and will do the same with instructors.

I cannot attend one or more of the Instructor training classes. Can I still teach?
Yes. You will want to take your cue from veteran instructors and other instructors who have attended the Instructor training classes. Instead of demoing technical procedures, for example, another instructor will demo and you will then help the students move through the exercise.

I only want to help teach a certain class but the training covers more than that class. What do I do?
Still attend the class. We will have segments of the class that focus on the class you want to help teach.