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Technical Climbing School Instructor Training

This site provides Technical Climbing School instructors with basic material required to be effective teachers of technical skills. We are revising the content so some pages will be changing.

There are some new policies and procedures with which all instructors need to be familiar. To that end, we are asking all instructors to attend instructor training, even if you have been around a while. Again, there are some new materials that everyone needs to know.

We are adopting some new terminology. We will be using the term 'instructor' in a general sense to refer to all members who help teach our classes. But we will also be using that term in a more restricted sense.

It is important to understand that the goal of the Technical Climbing School is not just to teach technical climbing skills to CMC members, but also to teach graduates of our classes how to teach those skills. It is also important to understand that we see teaching as part of the learning progression. Learning does not end with the completion of a class. In fact, more learning takes place during the teaching phase than during the student phase.

So we encourage, even beg, graduates to come back and help teach. If you have completed the class, you should help teach.

But we want to take our instructor training to a new level. We want to make it more formal and more comprehensive. An Instructor Training School.

Instructor Training will follow a progression:

At this time, we anticipate renewing the instructor training every two years.

This site will deal with General Instructor Training. Other sites will specialize. For example, Instructor Rock I covers Basic Climbing and Intermediate Rock. Instructor Snow covers Basic and Technical Snow. Instructor Ice covers Basic Ice and Technical Ice.

To attain the Instructor Level, instructors need to take the General Training plus the Specialized training for the class they wish to teach.