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Marketing sounds like a dispassionate term but what I want to emphasize here has a more holistic flavor

I have mentioned before that I see TCS as much more than a series of classes for students. I see TCS as an organic entity that continues to grow and evolve. Students take the classes. Students come back to help teach and become instructors. Instructors become veterans, senior instructors, trip leaders, trainers, committee members, board members, etc.

But students do not see this when they first take classes. It is our responsibility as instructors and club members to educate them about the possibilities. So, when you are teaching, don't miss an opportunity to mention our other classes and what roles students can play after they take classes.

Frequently a student asks about an element of a certain skill that we do not teach in that class. I tell them the specific class in which they will learn that skill.

I mention the fact that instructors get better discounts on Experticity than other members. I mention our annual instructor dinner in which fabulous prizes are given away. I mention scholarships and continuing education.

Marketing and Cross-Promotion are essential for keeping involvement at as high a level as it now is.