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Permits and Reservations

Municipal, State, and Federal agencies are becoming more stringent in how they approve, issue, and monitor permits.

Although we are a non-profit, because we charge for our classes we are seen as a commercial enterprise by some of these agencies.

Without getting into the weeds, suffice it to say that we do best to keep a low profile. Tell students to refer any questions to the Site Manager when you are out in the field. Repeat: tell students to say nothing and direct all questions to the Site Manager.

We need to adopt a more flexible approach to some of our field days. Students and Instructors need to be aware of the possibility of switching sites and/or switching days in order to abide by the permits we have.

For some of our classes, field days are graduation climbs. These outings are more in the nature of general CMC trips than they are a continuation of a class. Indeed, some of these outings will go into the CMC calendar as a club trip.

Also be aware that we are responsible for returning our reserved rooms to their original state. For the Climbing Wall, ropes must be secured, the back light turned off, the door locked, the alarm engaged, the stanchions replaced, and the extra lobby lights turned off. For the Conference Rooms, tables and chairs must be put away and lights turned off. There is usually a document in each room that specifies how the room is to be left.