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I put Teamwork under Evaluation because I think this is an area that does indeed need to be evaluated as part of the student's skills set. There is, in fact, a Teamwork line item under Safety on every student evaluation.

Teamwork is listed under Safety on the Evaluation sheet because it is essential that a group be able to work together effectively and harmoniously in the technical environment. We read all too frequently in the news about a group that disagreed on how to approach a peak or a climb, split up, and some of them got lost. We even sometimes read of lost parties not found for years.

All members of the team must be on the same page. What page is that? It is the page we give them. Let me repeat: it is the page we give them. And the page we give them is the CMC TCS page. There is no room for "I prefer to do it my way." The student can do it his way in his private climbing but he must follow our procedures when he is in our class. The instructors expect it and teammates expect it.
There is also no room for "I prefer to teach it my way." The instructor must follow CMC TCS procedures when teaching a TCS class. See Consistency in Curriculum on the Pedagogy page. Students and Instructors must understand that we insist on these rules as a matter of Safety. This is serious enough that a student who refuses to follow the plan is subject to dismissal from the class. Again, it is a Safety issue.

There is also no room for "I don't want to work with him" or "I prefer to work alone." If there is friction among team members, the instructor must guide them to a working relationship. Frame it this way: "Let's keep this on a professional level. You don't have to be best buddies with your teammates but you do need to behave in a civil and constructive manner. Stay away from conversation that could cause further disagreemnt or acrimony and stick to the business at hand."
We will not consider transferring students to another group. They must learn to work together. If they cannot do this, they are subject to dismissal from the class. A Safety issue.

Team members must share the work load equally. Whether it is carrying gear, preparing a Trip Plan, driving, navigating, setting up camp, all members must contribute.

ALL Team members must work together. Students must be responsive to the direction from the Instructors and Instructors must be responsive to the needs of the Students. The comments above about following the TCS plan rigorously should not be interpreted as adopting a military approach. It is a structured approach that is molded around how the students acquire the skills.